MCP Air Purification Tower Calculator

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Class IPROCESSRemarks
GTAW (Gass tungsten arc welding) (TIG)except Aluminium
SAW (Submerged arc welding)
ESW/EGW (Electroslag welding/Electrogas welding)
Stud Welding
Solid State
Gases Brazing (Soldering)except Cd-alloys
Class IIGTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding) (TIG)only Aluminium
Class IIIMMAW (Manual Metal Arc welding)(electrode)except Ee-, V-, Mn-, Ni- alloys and Stainless
FCAW (Flux-cored arc welding)(Cored MAG)except Stainless and Ni-
GMAW (Gas metal arc welding, MIG or MAG)except Cu-, BE-, V- alloys

Duty CycleRemarks
DC<10%Manual welding
10<DC<25%Manual welding - long continuous welds
25<DC<35%Semi-automatic welding
DC>35%Robot welding

Use 10% if there is no active external air exchange, this factors in doors, windows and general ventilation.


In order to achieve a dust concentration below 0% re-circulated air volume

The remaining 0 m3/h air volume must be supported by normal ventilation systems (with roof fans locally supported)



10,000 m3/h capacity per filter

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High Version: standard version with an outblow plunum on top of the Dual Silencer.

Low Version: Made for customer sites with low ceiling height or constructions that will not allow to use the high version. There is no outblow plunum available on that version and the outblow nozzles are instead placed directly on the Dual Silencer.

Y/D fan start method: standard version

Inverter Fan Control: made for customers with specific local requirements for start-up of the unit or to run the unit on a fixed lower frequency e.g to lower the noise level. It is not possible to operate the uniton variable frequencies (e.g with a PID control).


High Version

Low Version