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Class IPROCESSRemarks
GTAW (Gass tungsten arc welding) (TIG)except Aluminium
SAW (Submerged arc welding)
ESW/EGW (Electroslag welding/Electrogas welding)
Stud Welding
Solid State
Gases Brazing (Soldering)except Cd-alloys
Class IIGTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding) (TIG)only Aluminium
Class IIIMMAW (Manual Metal Arc welding)(electrode)except Ee-, V-, Mn-, Ni- alloys and Stainless
FCAW (Flux-cored arc welding)(Cored MAG)except Stainless and Ni-
GMAW (Gas metal arc welding, MIG or MAG)except Cu-, BE-, V- alloys
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Duty CycleRemarks
DC<10%Manual welding
10<DC<25%Manual welding - long continuous welds
25<DC<35%Semi-automatic welding
DC>35%Robot welding

Use 10% if there is no active external air exchange, this factors in doors, windows and general ventilation.


In order to achieve a dust concentration below 0% re-circulated air volume

The remaining 0 m3/h air volume must be supported by normal ventilation systems (with roof fans locally supported)



10,000 m3/h capacity per filter

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